Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 Signs of Male Attraction

ust for fun, we're going to rate the level of these signs of attraction between 1 (Lukewarm), and 10 (This Guy Wants to Make Your Baby).

The Stare - (4)

This is one of the first signs of male attraction that's easy to spot. If the cute guy in your Creative Writing class keeps making eyes at you, throw him some love so he'll be more confident to approach you.

Attempts to Look Good - (6)

Most guys don't worry too much about how they dress... However, if a guy is attracted to a lady and he knows he's going to see her, he'll put some extra effort into his looks. So, if every time you cross paths, your man has ditched his frayed jeans or there's a little gel in his hair, he likes ya.

Playful insults - (6)

Men never really grow up. Remember in 2nd grade when little Joey called you a fart face, punched you in the arm and then ran back to the swing set? Joey thought you were hot stuff. A playful insult is a telltale sign of male attraction. Hopefully, grown-up Joey will use a little more tact.

Facebook Spy - (5)

Ahhh, attraction in the digital age is just a little bit creepy. However, if a guy "stumbles across" your Facebook or MySpace profile and befriends you, he's probably got a crush. Also, if, when talking with you, he happens to mention a couple movies you've listed as your favorites, well, at least he's trying.

Attempts at Humor - (7)

Most guys know that a good laugh is the way to a lady's heart. So, keep an eye out for a guy who keeps trying to make you laugh (successfully or otherwise).

Little Touches - (7)

Most small physical gestures are a strong indicator of attraction. These little touches are his way of testing the water to see how you react...

Invents Reasons to Talk to You - (7)

If a guy is truly interested in a girl, he'll go to great lengths to strike up a conversation. "Oh, hey, you like coffee, huh? Me too! That's crazy."

Remembers Things - (6)

Men are a forgetful bunch. In general, they just aren't that attentive. If you notice that he retains small details from earlier conversations with you, somethings up.

Drunk Dial - (4)

Getting a call or text message at 1:00am on a Friday night is a good sign of male attraction. But, beware the guy who only thinks to call after drinking a six-pack with his bros. That guy is probably only interested in bumpin' uglies.

Phone Call Early in the Day - (9)

If a guy calls you early in the day to see if you want to hang out, you're in real good shape. By calling early, he's hoping to get a hold of you before you make other plans for the night. He's thinking clearly, and he's thinking about you, and your purdy, purdy face.

I hope these 10 signs of male attraction have helped you to better understand that most complicated of simple creatures: Man.

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